When almost everyone see themselves as not either 100% straight or gay

This YouGov poll, saying that half of young people say they are not 100% straight and this news story reporting that a third of young Israelis say the same, suggest that the trend is for more and more people in successive generations to regard themselves as not exclusively gay or straight.

We may reach a point when those, like myself, who are 100% attracted to one sex-only – men, in my case – are a small minority. Will both 100% gay and 100% straight people be regarded as being a bit weird and possibly not in touch with their bisexuality, in some kind of ironic recasting of the slur against bisexuals – that they are really gay but won’t admit it?

As we continue to move towards an exciting future of more liberated sexual identities, please don’t forget that the continuum of ‘straight’ to ‘gay’ still has those 100% ‘ends.’

Just thought I’d flag this now.