The release of my back-catalogue of music reaches 2002

Silko EP

Today, I posted the Silko EP, from 2002, following on from earlier postings of: ‘Theme from Leftfooters – The Movie’ (2007), ‘The Wedding’ (2006), ‘The Love EP’ (2005) and ‘Silko 2nd EP’ (2003). This takes my back-catalogue to the point at which I started recording using a computer instead of a cassette-based portastudio.

All tracks are available on Soundcloud as well as on, so feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested.

There are dozens more tracks to come. It takes hours and hours to prepare them and get them up on here and Soundcloud, but I will try to get through them all  as quickly as possible. I want to move on to record a new collection of tracks, possibly a whole album. You heard it here first.