Cover art

Cover art

Released 17th July 2016

I’ve released British Summer without a proper video, as I have a lot on at the moment and the summer will be over by the time I get round to making the intended video.

British Summer continues the progression from electronic-leaning tracks to guitar-based music. Whereas From Them To Me And To You brought in some fairly light guitars amongst the mix of instrumentation, British Summer is much more of an all-out guitar track. There are something like six guitars parts, all played by me. All other parts played by me, except virtual drummer ‘Parker,’ which I told what to play!

I was trying to be influenced by XTC and The Jam, but my song-writing seemed to have crossed the Atlantic and arguable the track is more like Talking Heads meets the B-52s. Still, not bad references.

A summery pop song for the British summertime.


Soundcloud version, here.

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Everything recorded with my usual set-up. I’ll say more when I re-release the track with the final video.