Re-released 4th December 2016

Landslide, written by Stevie Nicks and featuring on Fleetwood Mac’s eponymous album, is a song I’ve long wanted to record. It’s just so beautiful, musically and lyrically. As my voice was reasonably strong due to vocal takes for British Summer, I took the opportunity to record Landslide. I found a backing track, but could not transpose it down a tone to my more natural range, hence I just touch the higher notes in this rendition.

I had released this video on 17th July 2016, as a B-side to British Summer, with a a temporary video of a picture of a landslide. I not only wanted to make a proper video but re-mix the track. The earlier version had my vocal put through settings to resemble the microphones and tone of the 1950s, and sounded too tinny and echoey.  This version hopefully sounds more natural and with my singing louder than the original.

I hope you enjoy my performance of this classic song.

Click here to read how I recorded the song and made the video