For the three EPs I released in the ‘noughties, ‘I took on the moniker of Silko as a change of identity. This EP is effectively untitled, but I refer to it as ‘2nd EP.’ What perhaps marks this release out from the rest is that (a) I play no guitar on it – any guitar parts are samples/loops, and (b) I only sing on half of the tracks. I think I was listening to the likes of Air, Röyksopp and the like, and decided to try my hand in that direction.

I recall that, at this stage in my use of Logic, the EXS-24 sampler was my staple source of sounds and also Absynth to a lesser extent. Logic’s EVOC-20 PS vocoder also features often. I was also getting quite proficient with certain effects, such as stereo delay, feedback and various modulating effects.


The EP opens with a sampled jazz singer, who provides vocal samples throughout the track. Hard-hitting drum samples provide the backbone to this dance-orientated track, supported by a range of keyboards, including a constant a piano refrain from early 1990s dance music. A confident start to the EP, dare I say.

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A nod to 1980s synthesiser music, Urgh! sustains the tempo and upbeat feel to 2nd EP. The lyrics are (yet another) reference to a failed relationship. At least they gave me something to sing about! Drum machine beats and synth sounds flood this track, as does delicate use of feedback and delay effects, and using EVOC-20 as an effect.

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A café-noise sound effect and EVOV-20 effected keyboard open this luscious Air/Röyksopp-influenced track. A swirl of rich pad sounds, razor-sharp synth leads, all underpinned by a kicking beat. Good to listen to on a Sunday afternoon or late at night?

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I recall that the closing track (and reprise) were written before the others. Mmm contains the ubiquitous effected keyboards swirling from left to right and a strong beat. I also recall that this was the first time I autotuned my singing, just to give them polish and precision. I’m quite proud of the contribution my voice makes to this track.

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Mmm mm

A reprise of Mmm, using a chord sequence that I discarded from Mmm and which takes the sonics further, in my opinion.

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