Leftfooters – The Movie (Late 2006 and 11th January 2007)

Theme music

Opening music

Soundcloud versions

DVD cover

Leftfooters – The Movie is a documentary about Leftfooters FC that I made in 2005-6. It was shown at the Rex Cinema, off Leicester Square, on 11th January 2007, and at the Kicks n Flicks film festival in May 2007. The trailer was shown at the Black Cap pub, in Camden, in late 2006. To see the film and trailer, scroll down. You can see me playing football for Leftfooters FC, wearing the number 45 shirt – for example in parts 5 and 6.

As you can hear, the track has a simple repetitive structure, with the instrumentation layered, and coming in and dropping out. The full theme music features in the trailer, with the opening music playing at the … opening of the full film.

I’ve forgotten exactly how I recorded this music, but the drums and bass on Leftfooters – The Movie has all the hallmarks of heavy use of Logic’s EXS-24 sampler, with its high quality real sounds. I know there is a loop of the drums in there, which I then also played on  the EXS-24 – this is the change in the sound of the drums that you hear at 1’29”. I was proud of being able to copy the loop pretty accurately and of the idea to swap from the EXS-24 to the loop. It tightens the dynamic of the track, in my opinion, and helps to carry to listener to the end … hopefully.

The stereo delay guitar throughout is a guitar loop put through a couple of effects. The original sample/loop sounded ropey and was not a fit to the groove of the song, so it shows what some effects can do to smooth out a track. The other guitar is me playing my Fender Stratocaster. I recall the bright organ sound is a cheap plug-in that I can long discarded.


Full film, in seven parts