Released 9th July 2017

Photograph by Joe Pollard

I found this track when I was rummaging around on my computer recently. I wrote it very quickly back in 2013 – it’s more of an improvisation than a crafted track track – and I added the keyboard lead a few days’ ago to keep the interest going throughout the track. And I mastered it for release.

As you hear, I have employed an unusual drum machine pattern and wrapped it in delay and reverb. There’s then a sampled pad sound, which I’ve put through a series of warping and morphing effects. The lead line I’ve added is a preset in Logic’s ES2 called ‘Ruff It Up CSA’.

As the title indicates, I suggest this as a late-night track or maybe if you find yourself in a rainy industrial decay landscape … like you do. 😁


Soundcloud version